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Ohiyo Gozaimasu, Dougu-san! 
Good morning, Doug!
I am writing to let you know I have arrived safely in Japan and have had an absolutely phenomenal experience with the Rotary members here, and am including some pictures of my Host Counselor, his family, and my landlord and his wife who are also Rotarians. My first evening my host counselor invited me to stay at his house with his family Kawasaki, where his wife prepared an incredible dinner (and breakfast the next morning!) of popular Japanese foods. Then he took me to my apartment in Tokyo where I met my landlord, who is the Rotary Governor of the district. His wife is the secretary of the Rotary E Club, they are both very kind and helped provide me with plenty of things for my apartment and transportation to find furnishings. Then, his wife prepared Japanese Curry for dinner! I am getting registered with the city today and have orientation for school virtually tomorrow and Wednesday, then a Rotary event on Saturday! Very busy but so wonderful and welcoming, I am incredibly grateful to be here and meeting more Rotarians, as they are just as kind and welcoming as you and your club! I am excited to start school and have already signed up for some volunteer opportunities where I will get to learn about environmental and farming practices here in the city. 
I hope to send relatively regular updates to you and the club, and again and so incredibly grateful for your support and recommendations! 
See below for some fun pictures of my first few days!  
Hope all is well in Farmington,
Alaina Broderson