Joseph O'Brien's
170 Route 133
Wilton, ME 04294
United States of America

Rotary Sunset Event - Spouses Welcome

date:  May 14, 2021    

time:    5:00 pm until about 9:00 pm

address: 170 Route 133, Wilton

  • ´Heading South on Rt 133 - 170 is south of McCrillis Corner on a blind corner after the crest of a hill, just past yellow/white farmhouse on the right.
  • ´Heading North on Rt 133 – 170 is next drive on the left after Cottage Road.
  • ´Turn at the black mailbox and a white post with vertical numbers 1 7 0. 
  • ´Drive 1/10 mile through open gate. 
  • ´Parking
  • ´by the house either on the pavement or the lawn,
  • ´ in front of the 5 car garage,
  • ´Back towards Rt 133 beyond the gate parallel to the road,
  • ´or anyplace you can find. 
  • ´Try to leave a path for emergency or delivery vehicles.
  • Contact:  Joseph O’Brien (253) 656-2989

COVID & Other Guidelines

  • ´Be respectful of others distance needs, in particular if they are wearing a mask.
  • ´Hand sanitizers will be provided throughout the house and outside on the deck
  • ´Food: Only small individual snacks will be provided.  You’re welcome to bring your own food, but please don’t share.
  • ´Beverages: Please bring your own glass and keep track of it.
  • ´Wine bottles will be provided on the Dining Room table
  • ´Please take and open a bottle of wine for yourself. You may pour a glass for someone else, but only you should touch the bottle.  Keep track of it.  Once empty, you may set it next to the kitchen sink.  You’re welcome to take and open another bottle or take partial bottles home.
  • ´Well water is available at the sink or refrigerator.
  • ´Touring the house:  Please explore the main floor on your own and relax in any area you find comfortable.
  • ´In Joseph’s office is a clock he made, pictures given to him by the astronauts, and FIRST Robotics medals.
  • ´Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms on the main floor
  • ´One behind refrigerator/kitchen cabinets
  • ´One off 1st floor bedroom
  • ´Accessibility: no stairs to climb to access the house. 
  • ´Feel free to explore the property and walk down to the lake.
  • ´We suggest you dress warm, it does get windy here.