Les Harding donates handcrafted tree to our 12th Annual Festival of Trees.
The beautiful tree pictured here was crafted by Iva Graveson of Rangeley about ten years ago. It was created as a gift for Wilma Towle of Wilton. Ms. Towle died in 2009.

Before her death, Wilma asked Dr. Les Harding to display her tree in his office for Christmas. Les did as requested for four years and over that time hundreds of people remarked about its creativity and detail.

This year Les contacted the creator of the tree, Ms. Graveson, to see if she would like it returned to her. She prefers that it continue to be displayed so that others may appreciate it.

The tree consists of a frame covered with three varieties of evergreen cones. It is accented with gilded cedar tips, buds, and cones. Gilded open pods act as candle holders and gilded closed pods serve as ornaments. The angels are made from both natural and synthetic materials. Tiny wrapped Christmas are the finishing touch to a dramatic piece of art.

Every time one inspects this lovely minature tree, he will take notice of a new detail and be amazed at Ms. Graveson's talent and workmanship.

With the artist's permission it will be part of our 2010 12th Annual Festival of Trees.