Posted by Lisa Laflin on Feb 05, 2019
Farmington Rotary contributes $1,000 to ShelterBox USA
The Farmington Rotary Club recently donated $1,000 to ShelterBox USA to help families around the world rebuild their lives after losing everything to natural disaster or conflict.
The funds will be used to provide life-saving shelter and equipment to set up a household, which literally comes in a large plastic box, and may include relief tents, tools to repair damaged buildings, as well as supplies such as solar lights, water purification, thermal blankets and cooking utensils. ShelterBox tailors the form of aid after each disaster based on assessments of the affected community’s needs. Since 2000, ShelterBox has helped 1.2 million people by providing emergency shelter following more than 300 disasters in 95 countries.
Shelter Box was the first officially recognized Project of Rotary International and remains Rotary’s only Project Partner in disaster relief.
“The global support from Rotary International network, including the Farmington Rotary Club, is the cornerstone upon which ShelterBox is built,” said Kerri Murray, President of ShelterBox USA. “Rotary helps us go further, support more people in need, and access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach.”
To learn how to volunteer, fundraise, or to make a donation to ShelterBox USA, visit or call (941) 907-6036.
Farmington Rotary has been serving our local and global communities since 1925. The Rotary Club welcomes all to meetings which are in the North Dining Hall at UMF at 7:00 am every Thursday. Come network, hear from weekly presenters, and learn more about our impact in the community which includes recent donations to ShelterBox USA.