Rev. Waddell visits and shares his experiences in Honduras.
Rev. Waddell, past Pastor of the Old South Church, shared some of the work and his missions to Honduras to participate with local folks in building resources for the communities in Honduras. He shared information about the various projects he has been involved in including buidling a one room school house, a shelter around a community clay oven, a house and 2 different cinderblock Parsonages. The Reverend also gave some demongraphic information about his country and whay he is so intrigued by this nation. The country is the 2nd poorest country in Latin America and has been impacted by severe storms which makes it have a very poor infrastucture including electronic and road infrastructure. The families survive on very low wages with coffee being a large part of the economy. Rev. Waddell asked members to consider buying "fair trade" coffee because the people of Honduras will double their income from each pound of coffee purchased under this program. This very interesting talk exemplifies the Rotary Moto" Service Above Self" and Rev. Waddell has certainly practiced this moto.