Yes, you can have a new lifelong friend by taking advantage of one of Rotary's best programs, Rotary Youth Exchange. Next school year will be no exception to the growing list of outstanding students we have hosted in Farmington. Seventeen year old Nicole Isabel Escobar Chavez of Quito, Ecuador will be with us next year. Nicole is a good student and loves dance, fashion and pets. She loves meeting new people and wants to be a lawyer because she believes in fighting for justice. She wants to live and learn in a different culture to be able to expand her horizons and create new life changing experiences that will be able to shape the way she thinks and sees from a different point of view.  

Her mother said to us, "Nicole is well behaved. She is a very mature teenager with a big heart and her biggest strength is respect for her parents and family. Those who host her will not be getting an exchange student but gaining a daughter."

If this propect interests you, please contact one of the members of our Youth Exchange Committee,
Pauline Rodrigue, Glenn Kapiloff, Regina Stefanelli, or Al Feather. They will be happy to give you further details about this amazing opportunity to help change the world for the better one exchange student at a time and gain yourself a daughter at the same time.